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Opacity is a digital product studio specialising in User Experience. We pave the way for turning your ideas into successful products.

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Opacity helps organisations in building successful digital products.

You have a fabulous idea to build a product that creates enormous value for customers. It delivers tons of cool features and benefits. Terrific. And yet, no matter how fantastic your idea is, if your product is poorly designed, it's hard to recognise the value. Superficial designs that ignore basic usability is the most certain path to failure.

Here are a few reasons why the product design fails:

  • Lack of affordance. It's not clear what to do with your product at first encounter.
  • Bad usability. Your product is hard to use.
  • Worse of all, the users can't find the feature they are looking for. Not because the feature doesn't exist, but they navigate to a dead end. In other words, poor discoverability.

Opacity helps your product value get recognised by your target customers. We design a delightful product that is intuitive and effortless to adopt and use. We believe the key elements to successful digital products are beyond pixels and code. It's the people. To win the market, a product must first satisfy a need of the people who use it before anything else.

Our ultimate goal is to build products that are desirable, feasible, and viable. We collaborate with Singapore's top-notch engineers and content strategists to accomplish that goal.

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Opacity is founded by Iwan Kurniawan. He has been in the design industry for over 15 years and has vast experience working with large corporations, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

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